The devastated family of an unarmed teenage boy who was shot dead by a Michigan sheriff’s deputy earlier this year after flashing his car lights at him has filed a lawsuit against the officer. Guilford had just finished playing a game of basketball at a local church and was driving to his girlfriend’s home. at around 8.30pm when he passed by Frost, an eight-year veteran on the force who was driving a new patrol car.

Shanelle Hines

Deven Guilford, 17, was pulled over by Sargent Jonathan Frost, of Eaton County Sheriff’s Department, on a frosty evening in February after flashing the officer because he believed his brights were on.He was one of at least three motorists to flash Frost, implying his vehicle had improperly bright or misaimed lights, the suit says.During the traffic stop, Guilford declined to put his hands behind his back or give Frost any official documents, which were actually at his girlfriend’s house – as well as his registration or his proof of insurance. Due to Guilford’s insubordination, it caused Frost and Guildford to get into an altercation which ended with Guilford lying dead in a snow-filled ditch, having been shot seven times by Frost.

The teenager’s relatives are taking legal action against the officer and the county – four months after Lloyd cleared Frost of any criminal wrongdoing in the February 28 shooting. In their suit, filed in federal court Wednesday, the family members claims Frost’s ‘entire course of action’ in the fatal incident was illegal’ – and that it was ‘in violation of Deven’s constitutional rights’. The boy’s parents, Brian and Becky Guilford, said in a statement Wednesday

‘As we take this action today we are outraged at the huge lack of justice done to our son Deven Guilford,’

They added that their trust in officials has been shaken to the core following their son’s death.

Source: Daily Mail