Da$H continues his ‘LIVE NOW x DIE LATER’ tour, as he leaves Houston & travels to Dallas for the next show. Hit the jump to see Da$H act a fool in the latest DEADMANWALKIN episode.

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In the previous episode of the ‘DEADMANWALKIN’ vlog series, the New Jersey rapper arived in Houston for his first show for his first headlining tour. This week episode Da$H is doing the same old same old — sippin’, burning backwoods, and sippin’.

Da$H performs his biggest hit to date ‘Fetti’ which features Atlanta’s fast-growing artist Playboi Carti, and H-Town’s Maxo Kream. The song is perfect for the three artist, as the track has been helping them grow their respective fan bases. This song is a serious underground banger; every single house party I attended this summer had the song bumping.

Also, Dolla freestyles to a homeless woman. However the homeless woman is the one that dropped a gem saying, “You either winning, pimping, or running thangs.”

My favorite part in this episode is when the whole crew is smoking blunts with “Amedei Porcelana” by Retch playing in the background. When Retch says on the song “Fuck your dead dog,” and there were German Shepards in the video, I laughed hysterically.

Watch the vlog below.

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