Tammy Rivera reminds people that she does not play when it comes to her family after a commenter asked a question that could easily be taken the wrong way on a video she shared of her daughter Charlie.

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Tammy Rivera, best known as Waka Flocka’s leading lady, has no patience for anyone coming for her family as we saw on this past season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta when Kalenna Harper disrespected her mother in-law Deb. This time around Tammy gives a commenter a mouth full after a subjective comment was posted on a video she shared of her daughter.

Lol my babe better get a 100

Shortly after a commenter had this question for Tammy,

Y does her hair look like dat

Of course in true Atlanta fashion, Tammy wasted no time coming back with a vengeance and throwing all types of shade to the woman’s bank account,

bitch because she’s a child who’s hard on her hair but can afford to get it done twice a day if she wanted too…

Now clearly the commenter didn’t actually say anything negative, BUT it’s very obvious that she was insinuating something negative about the child’s hair and ethnic women do not play about our hair! To some mom’s it’s only right that Tammy held it down for her daughter before anyone else felt comfortable enough to say anything.

What would social media be with out the haters, doubters, and nay-sayers? If no one else respond’s to nasty comments, you can almost always expect for one of the many superstars in Atlanta to do it. We’ve seen it from rapper T.I., Lil Wayne’s ex Toya Wright, Atlanta Housewives star NeNe Leakes, and the list goes on and on.

Check out pictures of Tammy and her daughter Charlie in the gallery!

Source: TheShadeRoom, Inc.