Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Le’Veon Bell recorded his reaction to the Michigan State finale on Saturday night and it is definitely one for the books!

Genny Noel

The former Spartan went crazy, as did many others, following a final play that gave Michigan State the lead with zero seconds left to play.

Michigan punter, Blake O’Neill, fumbled the snap that should have sent the ball downfield and ended the game with the Wolverines up, 23-21.

Fortunately for the undefeated Spartans, defensive back, Jalen Watts-Jackson grabbed the ball and ran it back 38-yards for a TD with no time left for the Wolverines to claim their almost-victory back.

Fans were stunned as everyone expected the punt to be the last play and seal the win for Michigan.

The Spartans saved their undefeated record and celebrated like true Spartans do.

Though he was not present, Le’Veon Bell celebrated just as hard as the guys in green. He posted the video to Twitter with the caption,

“We are Sparta!!!!!!”

Once a Spartan, always a Spartan.

Check the video, below!