Following her discriminatory comments about “ghetto names,” Watermelondrea has shared a response to Raven Symone that is sure to have you cheering in your seat.

See who she is and what she had to say after the jump!

Nae Bella Twitter

Now Watermelondrea isn’t actually a real person, but rather an idea that is personified by one of youtube’s biggest stars, Tre Melvin. Watermelondrea is a character Melvin created over a year ago as apart of a series of comedy skits on his channel This Is A Commentary.

In this commentary Melvin, or Watermelondrea, is not playing any games with Raven Symone. He has put all jokes aside and is making it clear that the asinine comments are unacceptable; you almost forget he’s really a guy wearing a blonde wig.

You have to admit, he had you cheering as he spoke every thought that came to mind when you heard Symone’s comments. It’s amazing to see people using their platforms in media to be the voice of the underrepresented. Melvin is known best for his comedy skits and brutally honest commentary that bring in millions of views regularly, and has earned him over 2Mill subscribers. Kudos to Tre Melvin!