It’s been a helluva year for actor turned rapper, Drake; the good and the bad. Right now, it’s one of those low moments because he is yet again being accused of biting someone else’s music. Months back, when Drake released his “Hotline Bling” single, while catchy, it was quickly compared to upcoming artist D.R.A.M.’s single “Cha Cha.” During the Toronto rapper’s release, Beats 1 – the single was first heard on the Beats 1 Radio show OVO Sound – even tweeted the single’s title as “Hotline Bling (Cha Cha Remix), however, things have become a tad big shaky with D.R.A.M. feeling jacked and speaking out on it.

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During a sit-down with FADAR, Drake made an attempt to clarify the similar sounds with the following statement:

“You know, like in Jamaica, you’ll have a riddim and it’s like, everyone has to do a song on that. Imagine that in rap, or imagine that in R&B,” he says. Imagine if we got one beat and every single person—me, this guy, this guy, all these guys—had to do a song on that one beat. So sometimes I’ll pick a beat that’s a bit, like, sunnier, I guess is the word you used, than usual, and I just try my hand at it. And that’s kind of what ‘Hotline Bling’ was.”

Although both singles were released months ago, the topic has become the center of conversation again with the release of Drake’s latest visual for “Hotline Bling” on the same night that D.R.A.M. performed in Toronto for the first time.

D.R.A.M., currently on the Family Matters Tour with Chance, the Rapper, takes to Twitter to reveal his true feelings on the singles’ comparisons.

“Niggas want to know how I feel,” he writes. “Yeah, I feel I got jacked for my record … But I’m GOOD.”

Erykah Badu, who remixed “Hotline Bling,” even decided to chime in on the uniqueness of the two.

“We loved Cha Cha first. Very unique and raw,” she says. What a way to mend the tension.

While the two records have yet to be legally distinguished, or not, D.R.A.M. is still ready to fill the world in on his style of music. The Virginia rapper is days away from the release of his body of work, Gahdamn!, which “will be digitally released everywhere on Friday, October 23, 2015.”

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