Soulja Boy and Nia Riley have one of the most dysfunctional public relationships that we’ve encountered thus far on Love & Hip-Hop. With that being said, it must be PRETTY BAD because we’ve seen it all on that show.

If you’re unfamiliar with Nia Riley, she is the daughter of Teddy Riley and is an “industry chick” as they call it. She is portrayed on the show as a weak, naive woman who lets her long-time boyfriend Soulja Boy walk all over her. However according to her, that is not the case what-so-ever.

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While the latest episode of LHH:H aired this past Monday, Nia had to deal with the shade tweets coming in all types of crazy. To get through the painful evening, she tried to tweet her way out of the gutter after she was publicly shunned on national TV by the man she allegedly loves.

She started her rant off by saying, “You have a right to your own opinion. And I have every right to not give a fuhk. Y’all swear nothing happens before or after the cameras are on. That ain’t life. lol.”

She then went on to say that her real life is actually extremely peaceful despite how it appears on television. “Thank God real life is drama free! Sh!t!.”

Check out Nia’s full rant in the gallery.

We have to hit her with the…