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This guy….so if you’re an Apple employee and you’re looking for extra benefits, this is probably NOT the way!! a Former Apple Employee Caught Scamming an Apple store, took it upon himself to scam using the Apple gift cards to racked up $997K in fraudulent purchases, and it only took him 3 months!!

Tat Wza

Apple Employee Caught Scamming:
While working at the Brand New Elmhurst store in Queens, 24 year old Ruben Profit figured out how to rewrite the magnetic strip on the back of these gift cards to mimic other cards with cash on it. They don’t yet know how he got the cards he got, OR how he was able to rewrite it(cause we all want to know that…not that we want to do that ?)

An investigation launched in October when Apple started getting notifications of charge-backs, which indicate fraudulent transactions, on the Apple gift cards Profit allegedly purchased.

At the time of his arrest, Profit was allegedly in possession of 51 Visa and American Express gift cards with magnetic strips that had been fraudulently re-encoded with credit card information. He also allegedly had seven Apple gift cards worth $2,000 each.

Allegedly he was selling the cards for 10% of face value($200 a pop, typical street price), so he was looking to make close to $200k off these cards. Right now he’s facing up to 15 years should he get convicted(which he will since he admitted to it)