An asteroid the size of a football field will fly past Earth on Halloween. Scientists only discovered this about ten days ago. Hit the jump to find out what the level of danger really is, and who will be able to see this asteroid.

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Researchers jump at this chance to study the asteroid’s scientific properties. It will pass close enough for radar reads. The asteroid, named 2015 TB145, will pass just a bit farther than the Moon is from Earth.

NASA will observe 2015 TB145 from California, West Virginia, and maybe Puerto Rico.

Anyone can see the asteroid via Slooh Community Observatory online at 1pm and Virtual Telescope Project online at 8pm, both Eastern Standard Time.

“It’s frightening to think an asteroid this size, approaching so close to Earth, was discovered only 21 days before its closest approach, which just happens to be on Halloween. If that doesn’t give you the chills, nothing will,” Slooh host Paul Cox said.

Scientists estimate they have found only about 1% of asteroids 100 feet wide. However, they go on to say that they have found 95% of asteroids large enough to end our planet’s life.

Source: Space.com