Thabo Sefolosha was acquitted on criminal charges of resisting arrest in a melee outside of 1OAK nightclub in New York City and now he has plans to sue the city and eight cops for up to $50 million over what he claims are “permanent” injuries.

Sefolosha of the Atlanta Hawks says in a legal notice via the New York Post,  that the broken leg he suffered when cops pushed him to the ground outside celebrity hot spot 1Oak last April caused him to “become substantially disabled.”  The injury caused Sefolosha to miss the NBA playoffs  where the Atlanta Hawks were the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference.

The physical “damages are permanent in nature and continuing into the future,” according to the notice of claim filed with the city’s comptroller.

Sefolosha put down a huge dunk during the Hawks preseason game this past Sunday but his defense lawyer, Alex Spiro, said the player’s exceptional performance on the court doesn’t mean he wasn’t permanently injured.

“Unfortunately, he may not be dunking as much as he was before this happened,” the attorney said.

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