By now it’s no secret that many of things you see on Love & Hip Hop are scripted but that doesn’t stop everyone from tuning in for their weekly dose of ratchet TV.  Well an upcoming episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was supposed to feature boxer Adrien Broner but he wasn’t down with the script and stormed off the set.

According to TMZ Sports, it all went down during a scene at the Playboy Radio building where Broner was supposed to interact with fellow cast member Karlie Redd, who just got her own radio hosting gig.

Things didn’t go as planned with Broner claiming producers tried to get him to act like there was sexual tension between the two which pissed Broner right the hell off.

And why? Broner felt like he was DUPED by producers because he was promised the show would portray him as a supportive friend (as they are in real life) not a thirsty man whore.

Also, Broner’s in a committed relationship with another woman and doesn’t want anyone thinking he’d bang around behind his lady’s back. Broner and his lady have a baby boy and another baby on the way.

So, the cameo’s dead and Broner wants nothing more to do with the show.  Good for him standing his ground.

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