Twitter fingers ready. Former Presidental candidate and current Speaker of the House candidate, Waka Flocka (Flame) had some interesting and passionate words to say about his label, the music industry as a whole, and his current delayed release of Flockaveli 2. Read all of his fueled tweets after the jump.

Waka sounded off today stating “I fucking hate my label”, and basically ordering to buy his way out of his own record deal. Not such a surprise considering that many artists these days are voicing their opinions on their disappointments on how much of the industry is more business than it is about art or the quality of music…or for the concern of the artist’s health for that matter.

Stating that the first thing his label, Atlantic Records, asked him right after he was shot was if he could go to the studio. Not the greatest “glad you’re back” you can expect to hear from anyone let alone your employer, Waka took to Twitter vent his frustrations about all the wrongs going on right now. Can you even blame the guy though.

With 2016 drawing near and his anticipated album Flockaveli 2, which was supposed to come earlier in the year, still pending, Waka’s beast has awoke. Check his tweets in the gallery.