Famed ghostwriter and rapper Rhymefest recently sat down with The Daily Beast and talked about just how artists get exploited in the media. One artist he talked about was fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef, which he proceeded to diagnose with a developmental disorder and say he’s being taken advantage of.

Autism is not often a subject brought up in HipHop culture but Rhymefest shed a little light what he feels is a growing problem. He said, “I think many rappers these days have afflictions, such as Asperger’s, bipolar disorder, or autism. They need advocates, but we turn it into entertainment. The media is turning autism into entertainment.”

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He continued,

“When I look at Chief Keef, I clearly see someone who has autism. Look at the way his face is structured, or his insensitivity to violence. He needs an advocate. But someone put him out there and exploited that child.”

Although this isn’t the first time someone has speculated that Chief Keef may fall somewhere on the Autism spectrum, should Rhymefest have made this assumption? Or is he doing good, speaking up for rappers who may have any type of disorder and are being exploited? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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