Fake it till you make it and then some? Not if you get caught! Three students from Commack High School in Long Island, NY are facing up to four years in prison for hacking into the schools system and changing 300 student’s grades and schedules!

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This past Tuesday, Daniel Soars, Alex Mosquera and Eric Vaysman were arraigned in a courtroom in Long Island. The attacks were done three months ago the school got suspicious and hired investigators after changes were unusual to the professors. Investigators traced it to Daniel Soars’ house, he is known to be the “mastermind” in the cyber attack. Soars broke into the school after hours and installed a device called a “Key Log” to the schools computer. The device allowed him to collect logins and passwords remotely from his home!

Now clearly for Soars to be able to do all of this he had to have some kind of intelligence. Detective John Best of Suffolk County Police Dept. stated, “Soars changed his grade from a 94 to a perfect 100.” There was not a that big of a difference he still had an A so for him to ruin his life for six points is ridiculous. Soars’ attorney George Duncan stated, “We are waiting for a full investigation to be done, he maintains his innocence.”

As adolescence I’m sure we all had moments where we wished we could change our grade but never took it to such drastic measures! Remember when you had to take your assignments home and come back with your parents signature or your professor would make that house call? Now the teens are to blame in this situation but school’s negligence as well, with technology rising and paper disappearing is this the only instance this has happened? Or is he just the only one that has gotten caught?!

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Source: CBS