Adele has been shaking the headlines lately as she will soon be dropping her new album, “25.” She’s been participating in many interviews where she’s talked about being a mother, the album and more.
Adele shared how her child is truly her inspiration and how she loves being a new mom. (Welcome to Motherhood Adele !)

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But in the midst of all of that, Adele goes on to say how she is not allowed to have the passwords to any her social networking sites. During an interview done at a UK radio station, while on a show called, “Magic Radio,” Adele talks about having a team of people who are responsible for tweeting and sharing statuses for her in order to eliminate her “drunken tweets!” She said,

“I go through three people people,I’m not allowed any passwords to anything because of drunken tweets and all that. I’d put my foot in the mouth with that.”

If you ask me this is a pretty smart idea! A lot of artist need to inherit a team to help them tweet and update to keep them away from saying really stupid things, not necessarily drunk tweets!

Very smart Adele !

Source: Complex