Last night Ludacris wife Eudoxie put together an event to raise money for her fundraiser which is called “Unspoken Angels” in Atlanta. The fundraiser is to raise awareness to domestic violence.


Celebrities came out to support this event or should I say they came out to party for a purpose. Larenz Tate, Monica and Shannon Brown, and Neyo’s ex Monyetta Shaw and a few others came out to support another one of Eudoxie’s fundraising events for domestic violence.
It’s great to see celebrities come together and bring awareness to a serious cause that a lot of people have faced or are currently going through right now; it’s always better to do something about a cause like this instead of just saying something. This actually isn’t the first event she has held for an awareness. Back in June she hosted a event at a Jimmy Choo store in Atlanta for sexual abuse. The “Unspoken Angels” fundraiser was put together to help women, men, boys, and girls overcome issues that stems from sexual abuse or domestic violence. We’ve learned from that event Jimmy Choo partnered up with Eudoxie for her organization and will be giving her 10% towards her organization. YOU GO GIRL!