Earlier this week, Drake took the internet by storm when he released the video for his latest single Hotline Bling. The song was an instant hit, but became the talk of the timeline on Monday night when hilarious meme’s featuring Drake’s questionable dance moves, started pouring in.

Genny Noel

Drake is extremely popular for his music, as it seems as though anything he touches, becomes a hit. While his music expands to people around the world, everyone wants to know what Drake is like, and every now and then we get a glimpse of it. Whether it’s a laugh in the back of a song or a picture of his infectious smile, we’ve gathered that he’s got a sense of humor and likes to have a good time.

In his latest video, Hotline Bling, Drake seems to be having the time of his life in a multi-colored, cubed shaped room. Drake is seen sitting on a staircase and dancing around the empty room, even hitting a little salsa-merengue combo.

Some fans were confused, but most found the video hilarious and instantly, social media timelines flooded with video and photo memes.

The rapper, himself even posted some of his favorite jokes to his Instagram account.

Drake is definitely a marketing genius.

USA Today counted down some of the best memes. Check out the original video and video memes, below!


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Hotline Bling.


Posted by Complex on Monday, October 19, 2015