Gloria Darden, Mother of black Baltimore man who died in police custody has attempted to commit suicide according to multiple sources.

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On Wednesday night the Baltimore Police Department received a call“for a person needing medical attention” around 9:35 p.m. That person was Gloria Darden says USA Today.Darden was then taken to a nearby hospital where it was shown she had no superficial wounds and did not need any surgery or stitches. The next day Darden went through a psychiatric evaluation.

This news comes just two months after hearing that Freddie Gray’s family gained $6.4M in settlement on a civil case for the wrongful death of Gray

Freddie Gray,25 died in the hospital one week after being arrested by six police officers of the Baltimore Police Department. His death sparked protest all over Baltimore,MD and the Us. Not only that, but it united groups of people who some thought they would never see united.

Gray’s death continues to impact people today.

We wish Gloria Darden and the entire family nothing but the best.

Source: USA