Master P reflects on how he almost changed the entire fate of hip hop history by almost signing four of the greatest to grace the booth. Hit the jump.

Imagine this one. While he was interviewing with HipHopDX, rap mogul Master P revealed that during his emergence of rap stardom in the late 90s, he did have opportunities to sign 4 of the biggest stars in music history. Not only was Master P once arguably the biggest rap star heading into the 21st century, he could have been the biggest ever POSSIBLY, if he did go on to sign Eminem, Nas, T.I, and Tupac to No Limit Records.

“Anybody you can think of called me for advice or thinking ‘What can I do to get with No Limit,” P says. “From Eminem, to T.I. to anybody you could think of, we done had that conversation where they wanted to be with No Limit. It was sad, but [2Pac] was thinking ‘What could I do?’ Same thing with Snoop Dogg. People started checking for us because they knew we was making money. They know we was printing money. They making money now. We was printing money. Everybody reached out. Nas came. Everybody reached out.”

By the looks of it, this could have altered hip hop history and probably changed the fate of the game today. What do you think our beloved hip hop culture would have ended up like if P did sign these 4 mega stars? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Frankie Zing