Superstar athlete, LeBron James is still questioning his own return following an anti-flammatory injection to the back. While the Cleveland Cavaliers are staying positive and hopeful, James does not believe that the team will

“play at a high level.”

Genny Noel

Though, James reportedly said that his back and knee are feeling much better than this time last year, the Cleveland star opted for the anti-inflammatory injection as a precaution, but has yet to make his full return.

James participated in “light work” on Thursday. The Cavaliers are preparing for their season-opener in Chicago on Tuesday and remain optimistic to have James as one of the starting five.

Head Coach, David Blatt spoke on James, saying,
“We’re being very conscientious and cautious with him in terms of his feeling. He’s fine and he’s going to be fine. We’re just going slowly and carefully with him. He’ll be out there very soon.”

James stated his concerns for team chemistry earlier this week stating,
“I don’t think we will immediately be able to play at a high level because we have so many guys out. I don’t think our chemistry is where it needs to be to start the season off.”

He goes on to say that when other members come back from their injury processes, the team will be able to put in work on the court and build what they need to have a successful season.

The Cavs will face the Bulls, Tuesday, October 27 at 8 p.m..