The Louisville Cardinals Men’s Basketball program was completely put on blast earlier this week when former players and recruits confirmed to Outside the Lines that strippers were paid to entice possible new-comers.

Genny Noel

It’s kind understood and not said, that college recruitment teams do whatever they can to ensure the best athletes sign to their school. It is more or less “bro-code” that whatever happens on these trips stays behind closed doors. Well, apparently former teammates and recruits for the U of L Men’s Basketball team did not get the memo, as they disclosed details about their experiences with the school.

According to ESPN, former GA-Coach, Andre McGee paid strippers to dance and have sex with the young players.

Though the story is fresh there are multiple investigations going on surrounding the recent news, former boxing pro,Muhammad Ali is standing behind the Cardinals on this one.

Ali sent a tweet saying,

“From one champion to another, I will always stand behind & support @GoCards. Go Cards! #UniteLouisville #AliTweet.”

The tweet has a photo attached with the words #UniteLouisville.

Ali and his wife,Lonnie, created a scholarship fund for the Cardinals baseball team last month, following Muhammad being awarded with the U of L’s Grawemeyer Spirit Award.