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Jay-Z seemed to be real charged up in his verse on “They Don’t Love You No More” as he addresses a few issues with the NCAA. Although the song was released last year, it is featured on Khaled’s album , “I Changed A lot,” which has been released today.

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“Fuck the NCAA nigga / Let a young nigga get paid, nigga,”

That was just one of Jay’s verses in the song. there is a big controversy going around about college athletes and whether or not they should be paid. College athletes are not paid but they are compensated through with scholarships that pay for tuition and room and board. Many feel as though college athletes should be paid for all the hard work they put in. Apparently Jay feels the same way.

Lets not forget that Jay holds a position as a sports agent with his own Roc Nation Sports.
The NFL has a rule that states players are not allowed to go pro until they have been out of high school for at least three years which means graduated not just not enrolled. The NBA holds the same rule accept it is only one year that they must have been out of high school.

Jay had to sell his portion of the Brooklyn Nets due to a conflict of interest after he became a sports agent.

He goes on to say,

“Salute to all the real niggas out there finding the loopholes / Fuck all these fuck niggas, hate when niggas come up / Hopped off the plane, hit the helicopter / Tell these crabs in the barrel we eating hella lobster / Got hella options, like a college team.”

Source: HipHopDx