Uber has stepped their game, all the way up! As if they haven’t already put regular cab and car services to shame, it looks as though they want to create an uber for every lane necessary. Move over airplanes the Uber chopper is trying to get somewhere. Find out the idea behind the Uber Chopper which is already available in Texas.

Uber has teamed up with Epic Helicopters to test out this Uber Chopper idea. There will be racing fans in Austin Texas all weekend long, who will be joining the Circut of the America’s Race Track, where all the racing action will be taking place. Uber has decided to offer its services to the fans to give a great view of the whole track and area.

It will cost $400 per person to enjoy the luxuary Uber ride in the sky. If you are in the Austin, Texas area and want to give it a try October 25th is the day you can check it out. Although they are just trying it out now for this occasion I’m pretty sure Uber will be taking over just about any transportation by storm.

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