A$AP Ferg reveals his new album’s title and says it will drop in the first quarter of 2016. Hit the jumpt to see what the album is called.

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A$AP Ferg‘s debut album “Trap Lord” dropped back in 2013 and fans have been waiting for the follow-up. To keep fans pleased, Ferg dropped a mixtape “Ferg Forever,” which was hosted by DJ Drmaa. We have been hearing about the new album for a minute now but now, and A$AP Ferg has now revealed the album’s official title and when it will release around.

On the black carpet at the “Tidal X: 10/20” event in New York a couple nights ago, during an interview with Hot 97 A$AP Ferg revealed his new album is titled “Always Strive and Prosper” which is what A$AP in A$AP Mob stands for. Not only did he reveal the album’s title, he alway said the album will be out the first quarter of 2016. So get ready for new A$AP Ferg!

When asked about the new album, he said:

I promise you I’m not gonna pull a Dr. Dre and take 10 years to put out an album but, you know, it’s gonna be out first quarter [of 2016].

When the interviewer asked is he could say anything about the album, he said:

I can tell you the name of the album, the name of the album is “Always Strive and Prosper”, takin’ it back to the A$AP roots where we come from, that’s what A$AP
stands for.

Skip to the 3:15 mark to see Ferg’s interview