Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has imaginably, the worst streak of luck when it comes to his health and being able to actually play in the NBA. After almost three and a half years off of the court, Rose is expecting to make a full return in Chicago’s season opener, on Tuesday.

Genny Noel

Everyone felt sorry for Derrick Rose when he tore his ACL back in 2012. It seemed as though Rose was at the top of his game when the injury happened, and he received a lot of support from it. Rose nursed the injury and was set to hit the court running, when it was stated that he would undergo a season-ending surgery on his right knee.

Post-surgery, Rose experienced smaller, but play-hindering injuries. Then, when we finally thought we’d gotten him back, Rose tore his right meniscus in February 2015.

Rose had been working out with the team, when he caught an elbow to the face and fractured his orbital bone on September 29. He was operated on the very next day, and now it is being reported that Rose may be cleared to play during Chicago’s season opener against Cleveland.

Rose made his preseason debut on Friday night against the Dallas Mavericks and is optimistic about playing on Tuesday, but also said that he did not want to jinx himself.

“Who knows? I don’t want to jinx myself. It’s improving every day. So it looks like it’s a go for me.”

According to head coach for the Bulls, Fred Hoiberg, the team is not lacking any chemistry when it comes to Rose running the court.

“Even he doesn’t have a lane to the basket, we can get that ball swung around and make a play. Our wings were better running tonight. Derrick with the ball in his hands, those guys better run with him because he’s coming.”

The Bulls defeated the Mavericks in a close game, with the final score 102-103.
Rose played for just over 10 minutes, and scored 8 points.