Lamar Odom seems to be slowly doing better in his recovery after his near death experience last week at a brothel in Nevada. The drugs that were in his system caused him to be unresponsive and eventually be placed in a coma, which as we know now, he was able to come out of and fight to be here. Doctors are still worried however about his long term condition after it was revealed Odom had 12 strokes the day he arrived at the hospital.


Doctors say the strokes affected Odom’s motor skills and because of that he could still face many problems down the road.

Doctors performed a series of brain scans on Lamar and discovered the strokes. Although the strokes didn’t affect vital organs, we’re told they did have an impact on his ability to walk and talk.

Lamar’s medical team isn’t saying if the impairment is permanent. He’ll undergo months of physical therapy and doctors don’t know the extent to which his motor skills and speech will be restored.

The immediate obstacle right now is Lamar’s kidneys, which have failed. He’ll continue on dialysis and may need a transplant.

While the worst at least seems to be over, it’s clear Odom still needs prayers as he tries to slowly resume a normal life.