A vehicle crashed into a crowd of spectators Saturday during the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade, killing three and injuring several others, authorities said.


The accident happened at approximately 10:30 a.m. CT in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The Cowboys are scheduled to play Kansas later Saturday afternoon.

Stillwater mayor John Bartley said that three fans were killed in the crash. Two additional people were in critical condition and 27 parade spectators were flown to hospitals.

The driver is in custody, he said.

Dave Kapple of Houston told the Stillwater News Press that he and his son were about 10 feet away when they saw the vehicle barreling into the crowd.

“We heard somebody scream, `Look out!.’ He plowed through a police motorcycle, and then a crowd of people,” Kapple said. “People were flying everywhere.”

There are no indications as of yet if any of the drivers actions were intended, or simply a chaotic, tragic accident. There are early reports the driver was intoxicated. Prayers go out to everyone affected by this.