Bruh, people will not let Meek Mill rest in peace. Tons of people flock towards Meek Mill’s Instagram page just to troll him beyond belief saying happy birthday to Drake all over in his comments. I don’t know if we should be laughing at this point because now it’s just becoming sad. Cake emojis, present emojis, prayer emojis, “6” emojis, you name it, Meek Mill seen it. It’s safe to say the only thing Meek Mill is really seeing right now is a big “L”.

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Drake turns twenty-nine years old today, and even if you were part of the Meek Mill camp, you were made sure to most definitely know regardless. Meek Mill must’ve thought he was safe after making fun of Drake’s Hotline Bling video recently, well… Drizzy’s fans weren’t having it; they completely bombarded Meek’s Instagram page all day Saturday with birthday shout-outs to the self-proclaimed “6 God”. In fact, they’ve commented about Drake’s Bday on every post Meek has put up in the last week … let’s just say that’s a lot of pictures. The fans have even @ Drake to make sure he knew of his power over Meek Mill right now. I would say, just like he’s done most of the time, Meek Mill will just stay quite about this and hope for hurricane Aubrey to past for today. Drake fans won’t let him breath one bit; Meek Mill’s career must be rolling in the grave right now.