Well, it looks like things are moving pretty fast for Blac Chyna & Future. Not too long ago Tyga was getting the side eye for tattooing Kylie’s name, but looks like Blac Chyna has joined the wave & wants the world to know she has moved on as well. Check out the new tattoo for her new love, Future! Or was it to Shade Ciara’s Birthday?

If we weren’t sure whether or not to believe the Future & Blac Chyna relationship rumors, well today they have all been confirmed. Blac Chyna uploaded a photo to her instagram with a new Tattoo on her hand for the world to see. She tattoo’d the word “Future” although for her it is not a word, Future is the name of her new Hip Hop boyfriend. Have they been together long enough to exchange name tattoos? We knew they have been spending a lot of time together because of recent rumors that surfaces about Chyna missing her besties Slut Walk because she was spending time with her new boo Future.

Future, who is on fire right now after dropping his joint mixtape with Drake has always remained quiet about his love life. He receives a lot of slack for having another man around his baby but seems to be the more humble of them all and chooses not to engage in he said she said. It should never be a competition on who is moving on the fastest, I wish the best for them all. Now because we love Blac Chyna we will be waiting to see if he gets a tattoo in return.

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