Reginae Carter Blasts Young Thug for Carter 6

Lil’ Wayne was spotted at Six Flags in Atlanta Sunday to go and enjoy Reginae Carter’s little brother’s birthday party but quickly “enjoying” became a task easier said then done as things turned sour, real quick, ruining the whole event for her. Best believe Ms.Carter was not going to let her family day be ruined without a little sass for all those who didn’t care about their happiness that, giving a quick snap at them. Read more to see just how it she put it down.

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Reginae Carter has been known for being a woman who does not play around when it comes to airing her feelings so best believe if you mess with her family, especially on her family day she’s not having it, one bit. Sunday was the day for her little brother’s birthday party at Six Flags but some people became thirsty, as fans and some paparazzi kept following them throughout the park and not giving her any space to breath, to the point where she snaps and says, “He see ya!” in reference to her dad, Lil’ Wayne, seeing them and acknowledging their presence; in hopes they would finally stop and leave her and the family alone already. Ms. Carter describes how she was “frustrated” because her father wanted to leave (possibly because he felt like he was ruining the day for them, indirectly of course) after asking for them all to respect their family day and since people wanted to be thirsty and ignored that, their happiness for most of that day was jeopardized. We understand they’re celebrities but they’re people too, give them the space they desire. Reginae Carter even stated she was pushed right before the video below! That’s just ridiculous. She eventually does apology for her attitude in about the situation in her post on Instagram explaining her frustration. What do you think, was this all wrong of the fans and paparazzi or should Reginae Carter know to expect this with the life of being a celebrity?

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