Beastie Boys
Beastie Boys open up an amazing opportunity to the students of NYU. They are now allowing students to have access to their recording studio. Thats pretty cool!

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If you know music, you know that the Beastie Boys are pretty much legends in the music game. They are now giving students at NYU, a chance to perfect their craft and also become legends. This is a great opportunity if you ask me. They have just closed a deal with New York University’s Institute of Recorded Music.

New York University students will now be able to record and produce music in the Bestie Boys Oscilloscope recording studio. Jeff Rabhan is the chair of the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. He recently released a statement via Twitter saying,

“Psyched to announce that @CliveDavisInst inked a deal with The Beastie Boys to work and record in their famed Oscilloscope studio in NYC.”

The students will be able to record their projects under the NYU Capstone Projects Program. This will give students a chance to produce a “customized, entrepreneurial music business venture.”

This is a wonderful opportunity for the students of the university. Just to be in the studio itself is a cool thing. Hopefully the students take advantage of this!