If you are a fan of the hit show Scandal you may either love, hate or love to hate Kerry Washington, as her role on Scandal became such a big impact on people everywhere. Unlike her character as “side piece” Olivia Pope, this time around Kerry is the Boss of the set and she teams up with Scandal cast mate Katie Lowes to produce a family show on ABC.

Lowes and Kerry Washington will be joining forces behind the scenes this time. The two decided to executive produce a comedy/drama show about Nanny’s. In this generation Nanny’s are a common thing in many areas. The edgy comedy will give you an inside look about a trio of nanny’s and the up’s and down’s of child care. Kudos to Kerry Washington on taking that extra step, this could open doors to more producing and maybe even the big screen one day.

The nanny’s on the show will also give an inside look on each of their personal lives. The comedy part comes in when you realize the nanny’s are raising the children for a living and are not so grown up themselves yet. The show will air on ABC and they are still introducing it to the public to get a general idea if people would find it interesting.

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