After being the center of attention this year for reasons other than his music, Rich Homie Quan sat down with XXL Magazine to discuss what he’s learned.

Rich Homie Quan was under the microscope this year after two tracks leaked containing lyrics about the rape of a woman. Quan has since apologized for the lyrics, however then found himself thrown back in the spotlight and issuing another apology after posting a video of himself smoking a joint with his son in his lap.

These situations, specifically the leaked tracks containing lyrics alluding to rape, have taught Rich Homie some valuable lessons. He said, “The biggest lesson I learned, watch what I do,” he continued, “Watch what I say because the whole world’s watching. So I just try to watch how I move and when I move, move like the president.”

RHQ wrapped up his sit down with XXL detailing his upcoming album, talking features, release plans, the label and more. Hit the jump for the info.

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Rich Homie Quan revealed that his debut album is finished and has been for quite some time now. The album includes features from features from Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, and Ashanti, artists who he says he looked up too growing up. However, RHQ has the red light on the release of the album but he explains, “I wanna give the streets some more free music before I drop my debut album to show them that I’m ready.”

He also explains that he hopes the release the album before the end of 2015 independently. He wants the financial and artistic flexibility that comes with being independent. He said,  “You get your own money,” adding, “You control your own destiny. You don’t have to answer to anyone. You do want you wanna do…I’ve been very excited about the success of ‘Flex’ because now I get to enjoy my own platinum plaque by myself. I’ve had numerous of them, but it’s always a feature.”

Check out the full interview below.

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