It looks like Tyga has no worries in the world that rapper Future is smashing his baby mama to smithereens. In fact, he things it’s cute that someone has his leftovers.

As soon as word got out that Future and Blac Chyna are a new item (or so we’re assuming from her huge “Future” tattoo on her hand), it looked like a huge war between Tyga and Future was about to pop off. However, it might be the complete opposite.

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Things seemed confusing though because both T-Raww and Future Hendrix collaborated on a song called “Show Me.” With that being said, it seemed as if Future was violating by then going around and banging Tyga’s BM due to the fact it seemed that they had some sort of friendship.

However, sources close to Tyga explain that he “gives zero f*cks” about his baby mama and is only concerned about his current girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

Tyga doesn’t care so much to the point he actually is down to collab with Future again on another song if the opportunity comes about.