If there is one pure person left in the industry that will always keep it 100 percent, its hit maker Swizz Beats. It’s not what you say but, how you say it and Swizz always leaves us with positive thoughts on instagram, even if he uses his kids and every day daddy duties to keep us all in check. This time he has someone break night with him that ended up leaving him with some jewels, and he shared it with us via instagram.

You can judge, or let the media dictate how you should feel about the rapper DMX, but it is clear to see if we take a minute to shut up and listen, the man might know what he’s talking about. Swizz uploaded a few pictures and videos saluting rapper DMX who had been putting in work all night in the studio with him.

In between music takes, the two and whoever else joined them were having some real life reflections. DMX, after giving it his all for hours in the booth expressed his utmost gratitude for life. Admitting that like everyone else in the world he may not have everything he wants, but being that he pays attention to the little things in life, the happiness out weights anything he might be lacking. You have to be thankful for words like this because you never know who needs to hear that. He ended it off by reading powerful words from one of his tattoos.
“Until you make peace with who you are, you will never be content”

The Dutchess | Instagram