Unlike like what we’ve seen from her mom, North West seems to be shying away from all the attention she’s been receiving from the paparazzi. On her way to ballet she yelled at them for taking her picture showing who the real boss is.

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Since she was born North West has had to deal with flashing lights, herds of fans, and a gang of paparazzi following her every single move with her parents Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Now the young star in the making has her own set of followers and she’s already had enough.

As she strutted to her ballet class in her mini tutu and Balmain blazer, North is caught on video looking very uncomfortable and somewhat displeased with the crowd waiting to take her picture. She yells at paparazzi telling them,

I said no pictures!

Check out the video below.

Looks like the apple may have fallen a little far from the tree in this case. North West doesn’t seem to like all of the attention that comes with being a famous child just yet. This isn’t the first time North has been seen snarling at the camera and giving the paps the evil eye.

This type of attention at such a young age seems to be unbearable to many young celebs we’ve all seen fall from grace. This is not only a lack of privacy and personal space, but also a lack of respect for a child. The damage could be detrimental in the future if not handled properly.

What do you think? Is this too much for a child to be going through? Could this cause some serious problems in the future? Let us know below in the comments!