IFWT_Jay Z+Miguel+Cotto+Vs+Canelo+Alvarez+Press+Conference

Jay Z stopped by Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles to check out Miguel Cotto who has a big upcoming fight against Canelo Alvarez next month.

Hov inked Cotto to a $55 million contract with Roc Nation Sports back in March.  He stopped by the gym — where trainer Freddy Roach also trains Manny Pacquiao — and watched as the Roc Nation Sports boxer prepped for his Nov. 21 title fight.

“If Cotto wins, it is on to bigger and better things (more money for Hov),” BSO says … “If he loses, then back to the drawing board.”

Alvarez is currently the favorite to win but it wouldn’t be a total shock if it went the other way.

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source: TMZ Sports