Rick Ross x Lira Galore

Newlyweds Lira Galore and Rick Ross recently got engaged after only a short time of dating. What would make the 22-year-old want to commit to such a huge and serious life-changing thing? We now know!

During an interview with Maxim, Ricky Rozay opened up about his relationship to the vixen and explained that he didn’t really give her much of a choice.

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When asked how he hoped the question, the MMG head honcho responded by saying:

“You know, I just told her she’s mine. She ain’t going nowhere. Yeah, yeah! That’s the way a boss does it. You’re right. Like, ‘Check this out. This is what it is. I forgot to tell you. Oh yeah, you’re locked in for life. Let’s go to dinner.'”

Definitely a boss move. Hope the two live happily ever after with one another!

Source: Maxim