I think by now almost everyone knows that presidential candidate Donald Trump is a billionaire, its no secret! But did you know that growing up life wasn’t easy for Donald Trump? In the recent GOP Debates that took place earlier this week Donald took a second to tell the story of how one became a Billionaire, or at least how he got started. Donald states ” My whole life really has been a no” and that growing up in Brooklyn wasn’t easy for him. He then tells us that it was his father, Fred Trump who kickstarted his dreams with a “small” loan for 1 Million Dollars that he provided him with. Yes… you’ve read right…small loan. Donald trump thinks that a million dollars is nothing! So Stephen Colbert heard this and wants Donald to put his money where his mouth is!

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“Donald was just a humble boy from the outer boroughs who wanted nothing more than to escape that provincial life and make his way in the big city. But his old man stood in his way.”

Stephen Colbert jokingly says on the Late Show this past wednesday. This was after Donald trump made it known that he thinks a Million bucks is nothing but a “small” loan to him. Ha! If only Donald knew what the average person could do with a Million dollars. Stephen colbert made sure he let it be known that calling a Million dollars a “small loan” is just something people aren’t use to hearing. Colbert then took the unexpected step in writing a Million dollar check in Donald Trumps name to the charity of his choice, daring Donald to simply come down, sign the check and donate that same ‘small’ total of one Million dollars to the children of that charity, really putting his money where his mouth is!

Colbert says…

“Who knows, the kids you help might one day be so rich that they can blow their cash on a presidential campaign,”

No word from Donald Trump yet but do you think he’s up for the challenge ?