Khloe might take some flack for this in the media but in reality she is doing nothing wrong. She was starting to get into a serious relationship with James Harden when Lamar Odom almost died. Khloe, still caring for Odom and being married to him on paper, dropped things with Harden to attend to her estranged husband. There were rumors the couple were going to give their marriage another shot, but Khloe has shot those rumors down. Now she is trying to get things back to normal in her own life as best as possible, which includes spending a little time with Harden.


Khloe has pretty much been at Odom’s side in the hospital since he landed there on October 13th and clearly she needed a small break.

“As of now, Khloé and Lamar are not romantically together,” a so-called “insider” tells Us Weekly. “Khloé and James are trying to stay in each other’s lives. Each day is something different, but they’re trying to see if they can still be together.” Additional “insiders” tell reporters that Khloé watched the Rockets play the Denver Nuggets from a suite at the Toyota Center on Wednesday, adding that they are “continuing to work on their relationship.”

What happened with Lamar is sad to start off with but he has been making great progress. Khloe was living her own life in the meantime and appeared happy with Harden before all of this went down and she is completely entitled to be wherever she wants to be.

She isn’t abandoning Lamar. She will still be at his side for whatever he needs as he recovers but we aren’t being fair if we hold anything she does against her.