At first this sounds like a silly story. How could teammates be mad at their quarterback simply for just wearing headphones that he also happens to endorse? It lets you know there is a much bigger issue beneath the surface and is a strong reason why the 49ers have underachieved this season so far.


The latest report from TMZ is that teammates are upset that Kaepernick is always wearing his large headphones, which makes him seem like a loner and unapproachable. The headphones may or may not have been a reason offensive tackle Joe Staley and tight end Vernon Davis had a verbal altercation over Kaepernick. Seriously, this is actually a thing we’re talking about, involving professionals.

Are these reports exaggerated? Are parts made up? Who knows. But it has to be getting tiring for the 49ers talking about the Kaepernick drama so much.

It really got going when Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported that Kaepernick was “on an island” in the 49ers’ locker room. That’s generally not good for a quarterback.

These are the type of things that get magnified when your record is 2-5.

They basically feel he his hiding behind his headphones, not allowing himself to face reality and accept criticism for how bad he has been this year. In fairness to Kap, pretty much everyone besides the 49ers knew he wasn’t that good and that he would have a hard time living up to his $126 million dollar contract he signed a couple seasons ago. Since former coach Jim Harbaugh is now on the sidelines at The University of Michigan, Kap is having a tough time since Harbaugh was really the guy who believed in him and helped him land that contract.

Don’t be shocked if Kaepernick is not with the 49ers next year. The big contract extension they gave him is full of ways they can get out of the deal without much financial impact.