Aye the truth always prevails! Young Jeezy is going to keep his 5 million that his former friend tried to take from him through court. This former “friend” of his really went as far as to claim he helped Jeezy launch his career and thought that because he didn’t get the credit he deserved, sued the rapper to court in hopes for a big payout. Nice try my guy, but you’re taking an L for this as Young Jeezy and his team of court officials won the case.

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Coming off recently describing how he was the “father of trap music” apparently his former friend was not going to let Jeezy claim himself as the sole reason for this ability to give himself such a title; wanting his props as part of the reason Young Jeezy even made it this far today. According to Demetrius “Kinky B” Ellerbee, he and Jeezy have been best friends since 1995. Ellerbee believes that he’s entitled to half Jeezy’s earnings because they were partners, formed two record companies together and recorded several mixtapes. Demetrius says he’s the one who helped Jeezy establish himself in the music biz, and in return he said he was owed money from at least 4 of Jeezy’s albums including “The Inspiration” and “The Recession” both of which went platinum. Ellerbee claims he has been best buds with Jeezy since 1995 and after meeting him at boot camp, the two formed a couple of record companies together, released a few mix-tapes, and spent their time nurturing Jeezy’s career. Young Jeezy on the other hand said no way, no way Jose, Jeezy denies being Ellerbee’s best friend, denies forming ANY music companies with him, and says he 100% NEVER entered into any agreements (written or oral) to share HALF his profits. Well sorry, to Ellerbee… you win some, you lose some.

Source: TMZ