After tweeting a photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter North West, Billboard Mag has received a massive amount of backlash. Some people call it ‘gross’ and others say it was ‘offensive’ either way people are upset!

Read more to see what Billboard tweeted about North West after the jump.

Kye: ||Instagram

Earlier today Billboard magazine took it to twitter to tweet a picture of Hollywood baby North West with her mommy Kim Kardashian only thing is… their tweet wasn’t so sweet.

” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…” was the tweet along with the photo shown above.

Billboard mag did the infomous #TweetandDelete and quickly deleted the photo as soon as they tweeted it. Unfortunately with the way the internet is set up nowadays people catch everything! Soon as you know it Billboard began receiving tweets from their followers demanding that they take the tweet down stating that the tweet was gross, and offensive and many other things.

The tweet had a link attached to it which led followers to an article by Billboard themselves with an embed video of North West from earlier this week. In the video she is caught telling the paparazzi “I said no pictures!”

Billboard later released a statement on twitter saying

“We apologize for the tweet involving North West. The caption was about her comments to paparazzi. The suggestion some see was not intended. “

Billboard later put the photo back up but this time the caption read …

“North West is already pretty sassy (but in a cute way).”

No comments from Kim or Kanye have been made.

Source: NYDailynews