Jason Pierre Paul talked with reporters for the first time today since his accident with fireworks that severely damaged his right hand. The locker room chat gave the media a chance to see his hand up close without any type of bandages on it.


Earlier this week JPP signed a contract to return to the team this season, so this talk with the media was going to happen sooner or later. The deal is heavy on incentives based on how he plays because the Giants understandably didn’t want to commit alot of money to someone they aren’t sure can still play at a high level.

He was unapologetic for his decisions with fireworks and declared himself a better player in his first interview since blowing up his hand.

The Giants defensive star also said that he didn’t freeze out the Giants while in the hospital, and he was unaware of anything while under medication during those nervous days.

“You can’t do nothing when you’re on anesthesia, waking up, going in and out of conscious,” he said. “I had no reason not to let them in. I just didn’t know.

“I don’t know who was making my decisions. It could’ve been the doctors.”

Pierre-Paul, who won’t travel with the Giants to New Orleans because, “I don’t want to be a distraction to my teammates,” was rubbing his missing fingers and scars throughout the 12-minute interview.

Giants fans are excited to have him back and I’m sure curious fans and onlookers from around the league will be interested to see how he plays.

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