It’s almost that time for the end of a drama filled season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and even though the reunion haven’t yet aired but it was recorded the other day and you can always count on the cast mates to take to their twitter and Instagram to let us see their outfits and spill a little bit of tea about what went down during the tapping.

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The cast mates that brought the most drama on and off the camera were the new cast members; Miles, Milan, and Amber. This season was the first ever season of Love and Hip Hop where there was a gay couple who was okay with letting the world into their private life but cast member Miles wasn’t that opened as we thought. Miles wasn’t yet ready to come out to his family or former ex-girlfriend Amber but he had no choice because his lover Milan wasn’t okay about living a secret life when all of his friends and family knew he was gay already. When Miles came out to Amber that’s when the drama came to a head and the truth just started to pour out but if you guys aren’t keeping up with our tell it all friends at the shaderoom than I’ll keep you updated on what’s been going on. So Milan has been on social media letting the world know that Miles is basically a liar and has been cheating on him since the tapping of the show and that he only came out on the show just to get some extra coins in his pocket!
HMM I can’t wait for this reunion show I tell you but in other matters sources say that Princess Love and Moniece definitely will be coming to blows but we don’t know who wins that fight as of yet. Teairra Mari accused Ray J of trying to drug Moniece and trying to sleep with her!
Nas and Nia still aren’t cool with each other but we knew that already cause the two had been going back and forth via Instagram and sources say these two fought for like the 10th time and it’s said that Nia was the victor. I wish I can spill some more tea for you guys but that wouldn’t be no fun so I guess we all would have to just wait for the reunion show!