Looks like not ALL of the world is happy that Senior Deputy Ben Fields has lost his job. Specifically, the students of Spring Valley High School; the same high school where he forcefully drug and slammed a teenage girl for not exiting the classroom; all of which was caught on camera.

Around 10 a.m. Friday morning, an assembly of about 100 students gathered on the school’s first floor to protest Fields’ return. Both Black and White students were seen wearing shirts with the words “Free Fields” or “#BringBackFields” written on them. The students say that the resource officer was widely known throughout the school, but not for his habits of abuse.

“I think he did his job. That’s what he’s supposed to do when a student don’t actually get up and listen,” one of the officer’s supporters said. “I think it’s her fault too for not listening.”

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One of the students voices his opinion on the incident that clearly has the social media world split.

Spring Valley’s principal, Jeff Temoney, said that the protest was “an orderly student-led activity” and that “no one will be suspended.” He was simply grateful that it was a peaceful march.

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The young lady whom Fields drug across the floor has a group of supporters of her own. Her attorneys decided to create a GoFundMe account that in less than 12 hours grossed $27,000.