Jared Fogle, the ex-spokesman for Subway is being hit left and right with very hasty allegations of paying minors for sex and child pornography. The FBI has recently released the secret tapes of Fogle speaking about his dirty fantasy’s with little kids. Its actually pretty disturbing.

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The tapes were played while on air with “Dr.Phil.” A woman secretly recorded a phone conversation between herself and Fogle. The call was from radio host and FBI informant Rochelle Herman-Walrond. She was also a friend of Fogle. The audio lets you hear Herman tell Fogle how she is planning a pool party for her children. She then goes on to talk about her children you friends who may be open to having sex with Fogle. Ew. He expresses his interest in one of the young boys who will be present. She goes on to ask him how he intends to entice the young boy.

He responded ,

“Well, if we got them—got them segregated out, you know, in this thing where it’s just the three of us, you know, we sort of, you know, we just sort of start talking or whatever and we just start sharing stories and then, you know, we get a little closer, and a little closer, and a little closer, and before you know it, you know, it’s, you know, it just starts to happen.”

Herman got really emotional in her interview with Dr.Phil. Must be extremely hard to hear someone you befriended talk about committing such a disgusting crime. Herman also stated that Fogle asked her,

“Do you want to watch me f*** a young girl, too?” and “Will you f*** a young boy? It would turn me on so much.”

This man deserves everything that is coming his way! So far, he has paid 10 out of 14 victims $1 Million.