The whole throwing shots at African-American people thing is kind of getting old now. We’ve lived and sat through it for so long, now our people are getting tired and finally speaking out against it.

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The NAACP has a lot of unpleasant words for U.S. Senator David Vitter. The civil rights organization has called him out, after he made a statement saying that his Democratic rival, John Bel Edwards would release “dangerous thugs” from prison if people were to vote and elect him. If you ask me thats one hell of a remark to say.

President of the chapter, Morris Reed calls these comments “race baiting.” He also accuses Vitter of “strike fear in the hearts of the white community.”

The Ad goes hand in hand with a comment made by President Obama which Vitter was basically trying to take a stab at his opponent and also Obama stating like President Obama, Bel Edwards would do the same thing.

The Ad shows a image of a black man in a du-rag and a white man with a beer saying,

“5,500 dangerous thugs, drug dealers…back into our neighborhood.”

Morris read compared Vitter using the word “thug” to the N word. In this case, they both have equal meaning and are highly disrespectful.

“It attempts to polarize, in our opinion, the races in our state, by driving awedge between the Black community and white community and attempting to frighten the white community about the possible release of a large number of inmates from the prison system. We don’t think we should blanket the entire prison community as thugs.”