Florida police arrested an Uber driver and his female passenger after they spotted something surging in the man’s lap — and it wasn’t ride-share pricing. Hit the jump to see what exactly went down.

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Officers say Uber driver Jason Lynch, 42, allegedly traded a ride for oral sex from Elizabeth Santos, 41, Wednesday in St. Petersburg, where the barter system is apparently alive and well.

According to police reports published by the Smoking Gun, undercover officers saw Lynch and Santos engaging in the sex act at a parking lot in an area known for prostitution activity. Lynch had “his penis exposed” in “full view of the public,” the Smoking Gun reported.

Lynch admitted that he asked Santos “how she intended to pay and she agreed to perform oral sex on him for the ride.”

Both were arrested on prostitution and lewd and lascivious behavior charges. Because she has previous prostitution convictions, Santos was also charged with a felony for the alleged sex act.

Lynch posted $500 bond and was released from custody; Santo remains in jail.