Halloween is the time for fun costumes, having a great night, maybe getting some candy, and oh yeah BARS. This year the evil creatures of the dark came out lurking, but not to scary you but to kill you with the bars. This year we have ciphers and even beefs being brought to life, enough to make your favorite rapper temporarily rest peace as all of the ghouls come out to play… *evil laughter*.

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You have got to check these videos out hands down, it’s refreshing to see the dead and twisted bring hip hop back to life for halloween. You have sinister BARS brought to you by Fisherman Guy, Chucky, Leatherface, & The Ring for The Halloween Cypher 2.0 and then you even have Freddy Krueger out to give Jason this WORK with a Back To Back remix; it’s clear it’s not safe in the streets for anyone including the monsters themselves, they’re out here trying to be the best of the night with no competition in their way. You think your favorite rapper has what it takes to handle these creatures tonight one on one with straight bars? My safe bet is no, cause clearly if Jason not about it, then no body is, point blank. Happy Halloween! Don’t let the heat from the bars burn you tonight.